Other Works


The Day Hemingway Died
This short story appeared in Flagler College’s literary magazine, The Flagler Review. Click here to read the first few pages.

A Flutter of Wings
Life may seem terribly unfair to a boy of seven. Especially when his mother leaves and he finds that his world will never be the same. Click here to read the first few pages.

My Brother, My Burden
What’s the price of brotherly love? This Flash Fiction story won second place in a Halloween short-short story contest that required the use of certain words like vampire, lightning and Frim Fram. My Brother, My Burden was also featured in the Florida Writers Association anthology, From Our Family to Yours (see cover below). Click here to read the story.


Vic wrote a so-called humor column for a community newspaper for over nine years. Here are a few of his columns.

How We Became Cat Owners

All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Cats

Time to Say Goodbye to Chloe

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