Reader Reviews: Windrusher

Windrusher and the Trail of Fire

Rush like the wind to get your copy of this brilliant first novel by author Victor DiGenti! Amazing and riveting story of a super cat which is sure to ultimately end up on the silver screen, along with the likes of many classics which preceded it. “Windrusher” will steal your heart and captivate your senses! You won’t be disappointed with this masterpiece of feline fiction, whether you’re a cat lover or not. DiGenti is a genius, which makes me wonder if he has some supernatural insight into the world of cats…perhaps from a past life in the feline world?

— Martha M.
Prairieville, LA

Once you first open the pages of WINDRUSHER you are hard pressed to close it until you finish. We simply couldn’t put it down. It’s probably the best piece of contemporary prose that either of us have read in years – and we read a good bit.

Thanks so very much for this delightful literature.

— Bill & Betsy P.
Orange Park, FL

Absolutely the most intriguing book on the market today about a cat’s inner life as well as his external adventures.

— Karen Y.
Macon, GA

Windrusher is to cats what Lord of the Rings is to Hobbits. You bring us into a cat’s world of adventure, sacrifice, tragedy and triumph as though we were actually part of WINDRUSHER’s great mission. The ancient Egyptian cat-goddesses sage advice to our hero compares your book to the Iliad and the Odyssey.

— Bob H.
San Mateo, CA

I met you a few months ago at a cat show in St. Petersburg, FL. At that time I purchased Windrusher, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and immediately ordered Windrusher and The Cave of Tho-Horth. I could hardly put it down. I’m hoping you have another sequel in the works.

— Sally G.
Oldsmar, FL

I have just finished reading Windrusher. It was one of the best books that I have read in years. I am a cat lover. I have two that are so spoiled and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am looking forward to reading your next book.

— Linda S.
Cape Coral, FL

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