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Praise for Windrusher

“I literally couldn’t put it down — it is so beautifully written. What a wonderful read, I can’t wait for Windrusher’s next adventure.”

– Betty White, Actress and animal welfare advocate

“Touching, mystical, completely engrossing. Put this on your bookshelf next to Call of the Wild and Black Beauty. Windrusher’s great adventure belongs with the animal classics.”

— Linda Stewart, Author of the Sam the Cat Mystery series

A magical tale, full of wonder and suspense. The authentic geographic setting, realistic behavior of the cats and genuine dangers help readers make the leap into the supposition that there may be communication between cats and their ancient ancestors. I was fascinated from beginning to end.

— Barbara Florio Graham,

What a sensory kaleidoscope! DiGenti pierces the mysterious veil of a cat’s secret life in this magical epic.

— Pamela Bauer Mueller, author of Eight Paws to Georgia and The Kiska Trilogy

Prepare yourself to be swept up in the breathtaking adventures of Windrusher, a.k.a. Tony, the cat who navigates thousands of miles of treacherous terrain to return to Kimmy, the girl who loves him. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book. It’s a guaranteed good read that will make you look at your cats a little differently. Windrusher will make you wonder even more about what is actually happening when your cats seem to be asleep.

— Nancy Marano, award-winning author of animal articles

Cat people will love this riveting fantasy.

— Alex Matthews, author of the Cassidy McCabe mystery series

More than just an adventure and more than a fantasy, Windrusher works on several levels. Victor DiGenti has realistically captured the plight of homeless cats. His story goes right to the heart of the matter. And right to the heart of the reader.

— Darlene Arden, author, The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs

Windrusher offers a cats-eye-view of losing everything, and ovecoming incredible odds to regain it. This epic fantasy quest of a lost cat’s incredible journey home will delight anyone who’s ever loved a cat – and wondered what they were thinking.

— Amy Shojai, author of more than a dozen pet books.

From the first page, Windrusher sinks his claws into your heart and never lets go.

— Wendy Christensen, award-winning writer and illustrator, The Humane Society of the United States Complete Guide to Cat Care

Windrusher by Victor DiGenti is being praised by actress Betty White as a “beautifully written book” that she couldn’t put down. Normally, I don’t place much faith in celebrity endorsements, but having read DiGenti’s new novel, I’d have to agree with her. There is no doubt in my mind that this book will be successful. It’s well-edited, well-written, and features a striking illustration on the cover. DiGenti’s book, in this writer’s opinion, is destined for the big screen.

— Kay Day, Uncommon Ground

Windrusher opens an imaginary world for juveniles to adults unlike any other I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to imagine DiGenti could include adventure and love in one story about a cat, but he pulls it off with ease. From one animal enthusiast to another, read this book.

The St. Augustine Record

Windrusher, a delightful tale…for lovers of adventure and cat lovers; poignant with moments of great humor.

— Blether, The book review site

All the characters are well-written and DiGenti’s observations of feline behavior are dead-on. It’s a fun and increasingly engaging adventure. The relationships that Windrusher forms with some of the characters are heartwarming, and there are enough exciting, heart-pounding, page-turning moments to keep it from just being a chick book. …a wonderful testament to the love cats and their people have for each other.


The book is a good read and if you are a cat lover, just about a must because if a big publishing house ever takes this title on, it will be a real contender for top sales winner in the anthropomorphic novel category, as Watership Down was for bunny lovers.

Citrus County Chronicle

This book is wonderful! DiGenti takes you inside the secret world of cats. It’s as if Watership Down met Terry Pratchett; they’re fabulous books (including the sequel, Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth). Teenagers and adults can read this book and each has a lesson about cats on the loose. I hope he’s writing the third one now.

Windrusher is like no book you ever read. In his travels, he discovers strength inside himself he never knew he had, and aspects of a world he never dreamed existed. He makes friends; losing some, while leaving others behind. But most of all, Windrusher discovers himself. A
wonderful book that will leave you richer for the experience.

— Randy Rawls, author of Jake’s Burn, Joseph’s Kidnapping and Jade’s Photos, mysteries in small towns in Texas

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