Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth

Praise for Windrusher’s second adventure

“Superbly written, Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth is thrilling, touching and unforgettable. With vividly drawn characters and a unique and distinctive voice, DiGenti grabs you from the first page with this exciting, fast-paced adventure story. The touching denouement brought tears to my eyes. The enchantment of Windrusher belongs on the silver screen.”

— Marilyn Parrish, author of Song of Surrender and The Presence

“Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth is cat fantasy in the honored tradition of Tad Williams’ Tailchaser’s Song and Gabriel King’s The Wild Road series. It’s fast-paced action with strong mystical echoes and a thoroughly likable and resourceful feline hero.”

— T. J. Banks, author of Souleiado

“…(DiGenti’s) knowledge and compassion for felines offers a superb background for the page-turning and often sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat adventures experienced through the eyes of a cat named Windrusher…He is a masterful wordsmith and has written a tightly plotted storyline with believable characters and a cat both heroic and vulnerable. He weaves a captivating dream world in Akhen-et-u (the Inner Ear) leaving us to contemplate the intricacies and activities of such a place.”

Midwest Book Review

“Diverting, clever and compelling! Now I know where my cats journey during their deep sleep! DiGenti has outdone himself with this thrilling sequel!”

— Pamela Bauer Mueller, author of The Kiska Trilogy, Hello, Goodbye, I Love You, and Neptune’s Honor

“What a truly fantastic book. Anyone who loves cats and a good tale will cherish Windrusher. Purrs and five paws up.”

— Christine Church, author of Indoor Cats, Your Outta Control Cat

“Windrusher’s latest adventure is a fast-paced tale that will keep your curiosity piqued to the end. DiGenti has woven elements of surprise, danger and incredible feline intuition into a well-written story. A very satisfying read.”

— Sandy Robins, Contributing Editor, Cat Fancy Magazine and contributor, Pet Section, MSNBC

“Windrusher’s welcome return takes us on another mystical adventure. It’s a page-turner that leaves the reader wanting more.”

— Darlene Arden, author of Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can’t Get Unless You’re a Dog

“In his entertaining sequel to Windrusher, Victor DiGenti takes us into the secret inner world of cats, which is every bit as intriguing as the lively adventures of his feline hero.”

— Gerald J. Schiffhorst, Ph.D., author of Writing with Cats

“The mystical world of felines is further revealed in this exciting sequel. Windrusher & the Cave of Tho-hoth is an incredible journey of a cat with a higher calling.”

— Elaura Niles, author of Some Writers Deserve to Starve: 27 Brutal Truths About the Publishing Industry

“Join Windrusher, and the cat gods who guide him, on a page-turning, nonstop adventure. DiGenti hits a home run in Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth, the second installment of his Windrusher series. Live through catnapping, earthquake, and murder with Wind and three other famous cats. It is only with the help of Tho-hoth, the feline god of Wisdom, that Wind finds his beloved Kimmy again. The book is beautifully written. I simply couldn’t put it down. Wind makes us mere mortals wish we had access to the mystical feline gods and the Inner Ear, chat room for tuned in cats. Wind’s growing fan club can only wait with anticipation for the next adventure.”

— Nancy Marano, award-winning author of animal articles

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