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Victor DiGenti spent more than thirty-five years working in public broadcasting as a director, public affairs producer, head of a two-station corporate communications department, and was responsible for special events, including producing the acclaimed Jacksonville Jazz Festival for eight years. (If you’d like to learn more about Vic’s experiences producing the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, click here to read this 1999 Florida Times-Union article.)

For a time after his retirement from public broadcasting, Vic was executive director of a volunteer non-profit organization that worked for the welfare and protection of abandoned, feral and homeless cats and kittens. This intense exposure to the world of feral cats, along with his own household of cats, moved him to complete and publish his first Windrusher adventure. All of his novels—Windrusher, Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth, and Windrusher and the Trail of Fire — have won multiple awards and attracted readers of all ages.

In 2011 he made the leap to hard-boiled mysteries with his Quint Mitchell Mystery series. Writing as Parker Francis he wroteGhostlyWhispers_cvr_med and published Matanzas Bay, an award-winning mystery/suspense novel set in St. Augustine. He followed that in 2012 with another award-winner, Bring Down the Furies, and most recently with the fast-paced thriller, Hurricane Island. Parker has also written and published the novella, Blue Crabs at Midnight featuring Quint as a young teen, and the short story collection, Ghostly Whispers, Secret Voices, His short story, “The Strange Case of Lord Byron’s Lover,” a historical fantasy based on Mary Shelley’s creation of the novel Frankenstein, was included in the The Prometheus Saga anthology..

Vic is a regional director of the Florida Writers Association, the former Co-Director of the Florida Heritage Book Festival & Writers Conference and on the Board of the Friends of the Library–Ponte Vedra Beach.

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Vic is available with several fast-paced and entertaining talks for your club, civic organization, or Friends of the Library. Click here to learn more about his talks and topics.

Vic and his wife have done their part to help the overpopulation problem by rescuing unwanted and abandoned cats. “They’ve taken to knocking on our door at dusk,” he once wrote in one of his newspaper columns, ”with only a few pitiful belongings and a crudely printed note pinned to their furry pajamas begging us to take them in.”

Maybe he exaggerated a bit, but in a few short years they went from a fairly sane, pet-free existence, to a household of loveable furballs and their world was never the same.

Today, they share their home with four cats ranging from sweet and shy Soxi to weird and wacky Gus. Then there’s Duke who is his fiercest critic. He likes to sit on Vic’s lap as he writes and critique his work. When he doesn’t like what he’s seeing he takes matters into his own paws.That’s him above holding the keyboard hostage. Click here to check out photos of their cats, past and present.


DiGenti and Jazz Fest Poster

Kay Day’s column in The Florida Times Union helped introduce Windrusher to the world, Books by Area Authors, and finally, a review of Windrusher appeared in The St. Augustine Record.

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